Burton, Adam.
Newspaper: Something Else
Pamphlet(s): "The power is real and it is what animates the way forward" | A Simple Message for Britain: You Should be Ashamed
Article(s): UN Rights Human Water | Words Regarding Biopower
Handout(s): The Rich Pickings of Somerset Place | Iran War

This web site also contains photographs of some previous exhibitions and projects:
Noam Chomsky quotes: (at X Marks the Bökship, London, 2012)
"Talk To Us, Not About Us." (at Fishmarket, Northampton, 2011)
Free On (at Vulpes Vulpes, London, 2010)
Acceptable Answers (greyboards) (at EAST International, 2009)
Does the Concern for the Welfare of Others Stem from the Concern for the Self? (at Meantime, Cheltenham, 2008)
Broadsides (printed letterpress posters, 2007)
Don't Bother (magazine)

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