The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick, 1962 - Penguin, London.

Only after I had finished this book and found myself explaining to my friend Sophie Wiltshire what it is about did I realise what it is about, I think. Also, I had failed to notice an important scene that was pointed out to me afterwards by my friend Lee Stone. When I saw 'Adaptation' by Charlie Kaufman and Spike Jonze I felt queazy. I was watching it and my perception of film time that was rolling in front of me got all messed up from past into present and I felt it stirring inside my stomach. A similar feeling occured when I was talking to Sophie.

I realised what had happened to me, Philip K. Dick had told me a fictional story about a parallel dimension where the Allies lost the Second World War and then near the end he explained to me that I was reading a fictional story about a parallel dimension where the Allies lost the Second World War.

I just went and re-read the scene that Lee told me about, there is an important line that I missed: "Where am I? Out of my world, my space and time." (Chapter 14) I like thinking about strange moments like this. Often, when I am walking somewhere, I imagine something happening, time slowing down and the world collapsing in on itself because of some strange event. In The Man in the High Castle this happens when a piece of jewelery shines into Mr. Tagomi's eyes. He walks out into the street from a park and feels lost, he cannot find a pedecab and some whites in a café ignore him. He has somehow been brought into our world, transported (for want of a better word) from his fictional world in which he is a character. Once I was walking to college past the allotments and in the corner of my eye I saw a crow just stood in the middle of a path. I felt as though the black spot in my eye was a signal and as I turned to see what it was I felt/imagined the bird flying off in slow motion as everything around me just seemed to go soft and dissapear. I am going to start writing these things down.

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