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OPTIONS - animation of coloured blocks - Click here to read some bad poetry. FALLING OVER IN THE STREET - image of a drain - Click here to follow a trail of images and writing. UNFORTUNATELY - image of a yellow bird - Click here for a lost and empty web site project.
COUNT TREES - image of yellow and orange with upside down bird in tree - Click here for some information other countries. WHAT POINT - image is a video still of a woman with a black bar over her mouth that says LIVE on it - Click here for deadly serious writing (ignore:and large death text). GE - image of some triangle type shapes in a spiral pattern - Click here for ge - an exploration into pattern based web site structures.
Don't Bother magazine - animation of an explosion - Click here for information about Don't Bother Magazine. KEEP GOING - image of a vent = Click here to keep going through more images and writing. Some nonsense. BOOKS - image of the word books that says 'The books are on shelves or floors' - Click here for some vague book reviews.
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