Free On was a collaboration between Ben Garrod, Lee Stone & myself at Vulpes Vulpes in 2010.
We do each others things.
"We wanted to find a way of deferring responsibility for any decisions we might have reached individually whilst making art. And have contrived a system by which we tell each other what work to make. The time taken talking about it, the fractured means of conversation (i.e. online document exchange, sms text, email), and allowing synchronicity to act as an occasional arbiter in the development of ideas has caused the finished works to stray from the proscriptive directions we gave each other at the outset. This exhibition is the product of our collaborations."










i: From Democracy Now! 22nd February 2010 (pamphlet 001), 2010, inkjet print on paper. (AB) (link),
ii: Tetris Bass, 2010, digital video, Nintendo Gameboy, bass guitar, amplifier. (AB),
iii: My second first painting - a sad painting (the deaths of George Barnes, Timothy Bartrum, and Graham Morris at Great Hockham, Norfolk.), 2010, acrylic paint on found hardboard, metal pole. (AB),
iv: (part of) Three Quick Response Codes, 2010, acrylic paint on wall. (BG)
and Breathless Crystal Ulset, 2010, 36 minute mp3 loop. (BG),
v: (part of) Three Quick Response Codes, 2010, emulsion paint on walls. (BG),
vi: (part of) Three Quick Response Codes, 2010, OHP marker on canvas. (BG)
and Portrait of Greg Egan from an image I found on the internet (of Gaspar Llamazares), 2010, self-adhesive dots and acrylic paint on wall. (BG),
vii: Blackout room, 2010, 4-way power extension lead, DVD player, white gloss paint, black matt paint, black fabric, black card. (LS),
viii: 48hrs (Jack, Reggie, neither), 2010, 3x DVD, approx 48 minutes. (LS),
ix: BLACK THUNDER VAN, 2010, approx 3 minute 32 seconds mp3 loop. (LS).
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