Noam Chomsky quotes: is a series of letterpress prints. They are available to purchase from Freedom Bookshop in London and X Marks the Bökship in London. Thank you to Richard Lawrence for helping me to print the posters.

The Miner's Next Step

installation view

The exhibition Noam Chomsky quotes: presents a series of printed letterpress posters of text quotes taken from a range of thinkers and writers who have concerned themselves with tendencies in Liberalism, Socialism, Anarchism, and Democracy during the last 250 years. These quotes have illustrated various ideas throughout Noam Chomsky's work in political analysis and the study of language, addressing issues such as: the crimes and legitimacy of the state, worker control over industry, education, anarchist collectivisation, political organisation, human nature, social revolution, creativity, propaganda and public relations, the foundations of government, wage slavery, and other things.
Each print is accompanied by a pamphlet of the original essay, article, or speech that has been quoted and a collection of books used to research the project will be on display. The prints are on sale for £3 each - the related pamphlet is provided free with the print. Proceeds from sales will be given to Freedom Newspaper - the oldest and only regular anarchist newspaper published in the UK today - which is threatened with closure.
During the opening event an audio recording of a talk by Noam Chomsky, called Government in the Future, will be playing. Several of the quotes printed were taken from it. During the exhibition a series of discussions will take place, though who they are with, when they will be, and what they will be about is yet to be confirmed.

Quotes of or writing by:
Mikhail Bakunin, Wilhelm von Humboldt, Alex Carey, John Dewey, Karl Korsch, Simone Linguet, Rosa Luxemburg, Paul Mattick, Jan Myrdal, National Confederation of Labour - France, Anton Pannekoek, Henry Demarest Lloyd, Rudolf Rocker, Bertrand Russell, Dora Russell, Adam Smith, and South Wales Miners' Federation - are included in the exhibition.